April 17, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.2]

• Content Pack Creators: We've made it easier to replace battle music tracks in various parts of Toontown. For the full list, check out https://toon.town/musicreplacement!
• Animation Smoothing or "smooth-frames" has been moved out of experimental settings and is now enabled by default!
• Pressing SHIFT + F6 will now properly bring up the latency timer. This was broken due to an oversight in the Options Update!
• Attempting to change districts in the Toontorial will no longer cause a crash.
• Addressed an edge-case that would cause a crash when changing the window mode fails.
• The ENTER key now properly confirms certain popup boxes.
• Addressed an edge-case that would allow for Toons to run around with the report dialog box open.
• Fixed a typo in the Options Menu help text.

Cog Boss Battles
• The grunt when the Sellbot V.P. yells "Attack!" is now audible.
• Cog Bosses now properly use the Boss grunt sound effect rather than the Skelecog grunt sound effect.

Cog Facilities
• When entering a new floor of the D.A. Office or a Cog Golf Course, the floor number will now appear briefly.
• The red moles from Mole Stomp have been given a stern talking to, and will now always pop out enough that the game is winnable.
• When a player disconnects while midair from stepping on a friendly mole, they will no longer cause others to crash.

• Moving blocks and the Windmill will no longer "jump back" after taking a shot, making timing your shots more consistent.
• Addressed an issue that would cause the game to briefly get stuck after Toons with high latency finish their turn.

• In Spotlight Search, spectating the searching Toon should now appear smoother.
• Getting caught in Spotlight Search right as the game ends will no longer cause a crash.
• Optimized models in Spotlight Search.
• Toons now properly display a drop shadow in Spotlight Search.
• In Doodle Roundup, the appearance of all doodles is now consistent across everyone's screens.
• Tweaked randomization of teams in Doodle Roundup to reduce chances of identical teams.

Kart Racing
• Addressed two crashes related to Kart Racing.

April 13, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.1b]

• Addressed the long-standing issue of Cattlelog notifications going off too often, hopefully for the last time.
• Fixed a long-standing bug from Toontown Online that would cause the "Ready for Promotion!" text to appear after battles before ready for promotion.
• Fixed a crash related to accepting or denying an incoming friend request too quickly.
• Fixed a crash related to inspecting a Toon who proceeds to leave the area while you're in a boarding group.
• Fixed an issue where "ghost" Toons & Cogs could appear when switching Districts.
• Actually fixed the District switching related crash we tried to fix in v2.8.1.
• The Cog Icons changed in v2.8.0 have been changed to be more content pack friendly.

April 11, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.1]

• Fixed an obscure crash related to switching between Districts.

• The Evil Golf Balls have retreated from Toontown, and MiniGolf is now fixed! You should no longer experience physics-defying shenanigans on the MiniGolf courses.
• Added a beautiful blue sky and clouds to every MiniGolf course. Pesky Grey, go away!

April 8, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.0c]

• Addressed several cases of district reset bugs.
• Rejoice! Teleporting to friends that are running down a Street while in a different District will no longer send you to the grey. While that's quite the setup, this happened more than you'd think.
• Teleporting to a friend in your Estate exterior from your house's interior will no longer remove you from the estate. While that's also quite the setup, this also happened more than you'd think!
• You'll no longer get stuck if you talk to a Shopkeeper within a second of another Toon talking to them.

• Toon Tag, the game that started it all, has gotten some significant improvements to make the gameplay smoother. Other Toons should no longer jitter around, and tagging should feel more consistent.
• Pink collision nodes no longer appear in Cog Thief. While we'd like to say that was just Fruit Pie filling, Cog Thief uses the Gag Shop's finest Cream Pies.

April 6, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.0b]

• Over the past few days, we've released several smaller hotfixes to the game. To make it easier for YOU to keep track of, we're going to start adding a letter to game versions that have been hotfixed. Welcome to ttr-live-v2.8.0b!

• Sometimes, the game insists that the 'Server is temporarily unavailable' when you can see people running around. This long-standing issue has been fixed!
• When in Chip n' Dale's MiniGolf, the Shticker Book's map used to offer you to go "Back to Cog HQ." While Acorn Acres is certainly like no other Playground, it's not a Cog HQ. The button now properly offers to go "Back to Playground."
• Ever seen your friends teleport around while running in Trolley Games? How about a jittery crane in the C.F.O. Battle? We've improved our smoothing in a bunch of areas around town.
• Fixed a rare crash related to entering Cog elevators.
• The Photo Album in your Shticker Book got several improvements to reduce crashing.
• While Cog Goons and Karts may be two totally different things, neither of them were always cleaning up properly. That ends today!
• "Stop using deprecated methods!", our log files once said. Those requests have been silenced, making log files easier to read.
• While dynamic music is nice when jumping in water, it would sometimes leave your music shockingly quiet. Music levels are now more consistent.
• A certain someone in Loony Labs slipped on multiple banana peels in a row, breaking the Silly Stats page. The damage has been repaired!

• The recently added auto-jump feature will now jump over small obstacles like the lava in Cashbot Mints.

April 1, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.0]

• Added two all-new Trolley games -- “Spotlight Search” and “Doodle Roundup”!
• Removed the long-standing "ghost dock" issue prevalent throughout all of Toontown. The only ghost that we need is the ghost ship in Donald's Dock!
• Doctor Surlee re-stabilized the Toon-space Contoonuum, and all shopkeepers have been reverted back to their appearance in v2.6.8. Shep Ahoy is happy to be a horse once more!
• Gag Shop Clerks will no longer ask you "Need more time to think?" before the timer reaches zero, causing your Toon to get stuck.
• Fixed a bug where partially obscured NPC chat bubbles would be un-clickable, and force you to interact with the chat on the HUD. Now, NPC chat bubbles must be fully obscured before they appear on the HUD.
• Facility Cogs no longer all talk over each other when you enter a facility battle.
• When creating a new Toon in the Toontorial, you will no longer receive start-up messages from the game (invasion messages, special event messages, etc.)
• Fixed a bug where large versions of Content Pack icons would occasionally flash on-screen when starting the game.
• Addressed loading issues with tunnel street signs.
• Fixed over a dozen different crash issues across the game.

April Toons Week
• There's no predicting what silliness might happen during April Toons Week! Loony Labs gave us a list of their predictions, which means at least *some* of the release notes in this section are real... Which ones? We'll let you be the judge of that!
• Fluffy has arrived with an all-new ToonTask, featuring the Emergency Cream Pie Pack as a reward! A Toon named Wess designed this accessory as part of our Accessory Design Contest at a previous in-person ToonFest!
• Fluffy has also dug up some old supplies of the Cog Buster outfit, and is offering a more challenging ToonTask in exchange for it.
• Re-implemented the long-standing “ghost dock” issue prevalent throughout all of Toontown.
• Repurposed ghost docks for dock parkour, or as we like to call it, “dockour”.
• Created a randomly-appearing bouncy beach ball for Playground fun. Don’t let it bounce away!
• The Donald’s Dreamland pillow is now accessible -- and acts as a giant trampoline!
• Donald’s Dock has been drained! Too bad for that ghost ship...
• De-stabilized the dock-time continuum.
• All ponds are now a perfectly reflective mirror. This requires high-end ray-tracing capable hardware.

• Implemented an auto-jump option. When you run towards a ledge, your Toon will automatically time their jump perfectly with this option turned on!
• Implemented an all-new ring model in the Ring Game to improve visibility for vision-impaired players.

• Upgraded all Cog emblems across the game to appear at a higher quality.
• Upgraded the iconic pie model with a higher-quality texture and general fixes.
• Implemented an updated “giant jellybean” model with higher quality textures, which is used in the Trampoline game at parties.

• Added a new music track that plays during the C.F.O. crane tutorial.
• Added a new music track that plays during the C.F.O. battle.

• Fixed a long-standing error when accepting Toon Rewrites, Game Rentals, and certain other items from the mailbox.
• When the Speedy Garden Growth Silly Team is active, trees and flowers will no longer become stuck.
• If your house is missing a phone due to a glitch, one will automatically be sent to you in the mail.
• In the Estate Cannons mini-game, landing in the pond will no longer cause your Toon to get stuck.
• Girl Toons will no longer be sent an extra Closet in the mail.
• Addressed an issue that would cause accessories to disappear.
• Fixed various estate and gardening related issues.

Goofy Speedway
• Parking spots will no longer break after a Toon disconnects unexpectedly.
• Implemented a fix for the long-standing issue that would cause the Grand Prix to not start.

Known Bugs
• Some AMD graphics cards have been experiencing flickering black textures in-game for the past several months. A fix has been made on the engine level, and will be available in Toontown Rewritten in a future update soon.
• As of the 2.7.0 update, the ability for Content Packs to include custom battle music for each area has bugged, and sometimes custom textures are applied inconsistently. We’re aware of this bug and a fix will be available in a future update.

December 22, 2020 [ttr-live-v2.7.1]

• Fixed a bug where Community Partners did not show up as such when viewing their profile in a different area.
• Toons no longer lose speed when pressing the walk key mid-air. Actually, this time!
• Fixed various cases of Content Packs not being applied or applied correctly.
• Implemented stability enhancements for lower-end machines using an Intel Integrated GPU.
• Addressed various GUI related bugs introduced in ttr-live-v2.7.0.
• Fixed multiple bugs and crashes throughout Toontown.
• Removed Laff limit from the Sellbot Factory side entrance.

• Implemented a fix for a long-standing bug where Anti-Aliasing would not be applied.
• Addressed a visual bug where streets would have improper lighting during Halloween and Winter holidays.
• In ToonTasks given by HQ Officers, a random Toon head is now used on the ToonTask scroll.
• Accessories will no longer display on the Toon statue preview in the Cattlelog.

December 15, 2020 [ttr-live-v2.7.0]

• In-Game Prompts are now managed under a new system to fix multiple glitches and some soft-lock issues.
• When you ignore another player, that preference now persists between game-sessions until you choose to stop ignoring them.
• Fixed a longstanding issue that prevented players from restoring Laff on the trolley.
• Fixed a bug where Find Four would declare a player the winner when they haven’t actually won.
• Fixed several grammatical errors throughout Toontown. If you find any more, please let us know!
• Addressed a district reset relating to choosing a picnic game.
• Fixed a crash when the game window's height was set to zero.
• Addressed a crash that could happen when entering doors during high server stress times.
• Removed the ability to pick up the Red Nose Deer ToonTask twice.
• Fixed an issue where Doodles would escape to the playground, causing district resets. Remember, lock the gate to your Estate!

Content Packs
• A new option is available under the Video Tab in the Options Menu to manage your Content Packs! You can enable and disable Content Packs on an individual basis, and choose which order they are loaded in by clicking and dragging all in one menu to mix and match full content packs with partial ones.
(NOTE: This setting will only appear if you already have a Content Pack, as they cannot be installed through the game. You can download Content Packs from third-party sources and drop the files into a “resources” folder wherever you have Toontown Rewritten installed.)
• Content Pack creators can add a custom icon and description for the game to display when they distribute their content packs. More info can be found on our FAQ.
• In a future update, you’ll be able to distinguish content packs provided by Toontown Partners.

Friends & SpeedChat
• Friend loading has been rewritten, and we’re trying out the changes by allowing players to now have up to 150 friends!
• Added a “District” section to SpeedChat to better communicate with others where to go.
• Added the phrase “I hear you!” under the “Friendly” menu.
• Players will now be notified if they whisper to a SpeedChat-only player through SpeedChat+.
• Players who can only use SpeedChat can now view SpeedChat+ messages sent by Staff Members and Cast Members.
• Fixed a long standing bug where SpeedChat menus behaved unexpectedly when trying to hover over a message with several categories open.
• Removed “Player” friend lists, which was a remnant of other Disney services.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when using SpeedChat while exiting the game.
• Made various additions and removals to the SpeedChat+ dictionary.

• Added a setting for enabling and disabling ambient sound effects (environmental sounds).
• Bird chirping has been added to the estate. Where it comes from, nobody quite knows.
• The Dynamic Music system has been optimized with several bugs being addressed.
• Reduced the volume of the “Delighted” animation.
• Reduced the volume of various MiniGolf elements.

• Lure gags now display how many rounds the 'lured' effect lasts, rather than damage.
• Toons can no longer start battles with Cogs while Sad.
• Fixed a bug that would cause an SOS Card not to be used if two players picked the same card, but one backed out of their choice.
• Fixed a bug where Toon placement in battles moves forward after Chief Justice battles.
• Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred in battles.

• The Cattlelog can now properly be closed by pressing the EXIT ACTIVITY key.
• Fixed a bug where the Applause animation’s mute button would not properly mute it.
• Gender restrictions for all furniture items in the Cattlelog have been removed.
• The “Gift” button now properly updates if a Toon’s jellybean count is updated while the Cattlelog is open.

Clothing & Accessories
• Toon Accessories are now considered integral DNA -- it’s as characteristic to a Toon as the shirt on their body or the species they are! Thanks to this, accessories now appear in more locations in-game where they didn’t before.
• Toons can now rotate in the wardrobe, similar to the accessory trunk.

• Mega-Invasions now come in waves, as in Toontown Online: a 3 hour invasion followed by a 3 hour cooldown before the next invasion starts.
• Fixed a rare bug where Cog Buildings would spawn presenting itself as a 1-story Cog Building but contain large waves of high levels Cogs.
• Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when unloading Cogs.

Cog HQ
• Adjusted crates in Cog HQs to be easier to push.
• Added server-side checks to prevent cheating in Cog Boss battles.
• The Obstacle Course GUI in Cashbot Mints now goes away when all players complete the course instead of waiting to timeout.
• Adjusted player spawn points for Toons arriving at Cashbot HQ and Lawbot HQ, preventing players from appearing in the path of Cogs.
• The Cog Paths in Cashbot HQ have been tweaked.
• Fixed an issue that made it hard to enter the Sellbot HQ Lobby doors with high framerates.
• Fixed a semi-rare issue that could trigger both Lawbot DA Office puzzles at the same time, instead of one.
• Fixed a soft-lock when trying to enter Cog Facility elevators without Laff.
• Fixed an issue that would cause parts of a Cog Facility to stop loading when changing camera perspectives.
• Fixed a crash that happens when you receive a Glad Hander summon at the end of a Chief Justice battle.

Goofy Speedway
• Fixed a bug allowing Toons to get out of bounds while racing. Those rolling hills may look fun, but stick to the track!
• Fixed a soft-lock after time runs out in a race.

• All Pick-a-Name names are now fully gender neutral.
• Fixed issues allowing players to click on things when they shouldn't in type-a-name
• Fixed a bug where the Type-A-Name interface was interactable while a dialog box was onscreen.

• MiniGolf statistics will now be tracked past the max requirements for trophies.

Shticker Book
• The “Back to Playground” button now properly says “Back to Cog HQ” if it will return a player to a Cog HQ.
• Fixed the Shticker Book from appearing while in Cog Disguises after acknowledging some in-game prompts.

• Toons no longer slow down when pressing the walk key while airborne. Physics strike back against the rebels!
• Toons are now teleported to the nearest playground if they end up outside of one while sad.
• Added checks to make sure Toons have an accessory trunk, wardrobe, and jellybean bank. If you’re missing one, you’ll be mailed a replacement right away!

Toontown’s Cartoonival
• ToonFest has been renamed to Toontown's Cartoonival, and game assets have been updated to reflect the name change. These changes will be present next year.
• If you’re a new Toon who hasn’t visited their Estate, Token Takers will now prompt you to do so to make it more clear how to purchase prizes.

• The Slingshot Game now ends early if every player has the max score.
• Fixed a crash in Ice Slide when the key used to confirm your launch trajectory was pressed while the minigame was loading.
• Monkey, Bear, Pig, Deer and Crocodile Toons now appear in Photo Fun.
• Toons in Photo Fun now don the latest in accessory fashion. Take your photo shoots to the next level!

• Added an option in the Experimental Video menu to remove the 512x512 texture resolution cap. This is still unstable on Windows machines with Intel HD graphics, which we’re still working on.
• Added a new, optimized cannon model with an updated texture.
• Improved the appearance of several building and nametag fonts.
• Screenshots are now saved as PNG files rather than JPG files, increasing the quality of the screenshots.
• Hiding the GUI with F3 now hides the FPS counter.
• Addressed the stretched appearance of the Racing countdown text.
• Fixed a visual bug with the Overjoyed Laff Meters Silly Team Reward, which sometimes inaccurately displayed Max Laff Points.
• Addressed a bug where Animation Smoothing would be disabled in certain cases despite being enabled in the Options Menu.
• Fixed an issue where the sky would appear to move when jumping in certain playgrounds.
• Fixed overlapping text in the “Stop Ignoring” prompt.
• Fixed an issue with the quick Gag Page where Gag track information could overwrite the Cog XP progress box.
• Fixed an issue that caused track info to get stuck on the Gag page in the Shtickerbook.
• Fixed an issue where your Toon would be briefly visible in “the grey” while moving between doors. Thank you, Prepostera!

April 1, 2020 [ttr-live-v4.1.20]

• Upgraded Toontown’s version from v2.6.8 to v4.1.20. The future is well and truly now!
• To ensure that the servers remain stable, all districts are now SpeedChat-only.
• Added a limit of 500 Players online at once to avoid further server issues. Hurray for stable servers!

• Replaced the Trolley with a broken-down shuttle to Cog Nation. Better not be late to work!
• Golf balls will now swerve around the hole, putting those pesky pranksters out of a job.
• Removed all Gags from Kart Racing.

Audio & Visuals
• Adjusted the Chief Justice’s visual appearance to match the missing wig.
• Adjusted Bumpy Bumblebehr’s dialogue to appropriately say “Your Honorable Baldness” rather than “Your Honorable Blindness.”
• Added music to Toon Estates.

• Due to strongly-worded feedback from our players, we have reverted all previously made changes.

March 10, 2020 [ttr-live-v2.6.8]

Chip n' Dale's Acorn Acres
• Acorn Acres' Picnic Games have been re-written from the ground up for stability and more features!
• While playing Picnic Games, the GUI has been updated with more flair and better indicators.
• Even if you aren't playing a Picnic Game, you can see the game board move in real time, even from afar!
• Rewrote the instructions for Picnic Games to be clearer.
• Reduced the volume of some MiniGolf sound effects added in the last game update.

• Implemented measures to reduce memory leaks and reduce crashes on Intel based systems.
• Increased the speed at which you can deposit and withdraw jellybeans from your Jellybean Bank.
• Corrected a crash that occurred while visiting a friend gardening at their Estate.
• Fixed an issue where names such as "D.J." would be blocked due to no vowels and all capitals.
• Re-named "Juggling Balls" to "Juggling Cubes"
• Addressed various bugs and glitches throughout Toontown.

• Added a new option in the Options Menu to adjust text quality.
• Adjusted the scaling of '3, 2, 1, Go!' in Kart Racing to be visually clearer.
• Fixed a graphical bug in the 'Cog Thief' Trolley Game.
• Fixed the text alignment of the 'Options & Codes' title in the Shticker Book.

• Implemented Organic Gag indicators in the battle menus. There's no need to say "ORG" anymore!
• These indicators also affect Toon T.A.G.S. - so you'll never have to worry about if your teammates have come prepared.

Cog HQs
• Re-added room name tags within the Sellbot Factory. Now you'll never be lost!
• Fixed many "grey screen" loading bugs in the District Attorney's Office and in Cog Golf Courses.
• Fixed various cutscene bugs in the Sellbot V.P. Battle.
• Implemented detailed reward information at the end of the Lawbot Chief Justice and Bossbot C.E.O. Battles.
• Adjusted the names of some Cog Bosses within Boarding Groups and SpeedChat for consistent grammar and style.
• Adjusted the "How to Play" menu in Cog Golf to be less confusing and visually cleaner.

December 12, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.7]

• Upgraded Toontown's engine to Panda3D -- featuring the latest bug fixes and performance improvements.
• Mac players will no longer crash when a Bluetooth device is disconnected.
• Adjusted music throughout Toontown to loop seamlessly based on community feedback.
• Fixed several district resets.

• Fixed several bugs with the Type-a-Name menu.
• Based on community feedback, Type-a-Name will now provide more detailed reasoning for names that are automatically rejected.

• Changed the appearance of Professor Ivy to match her appearance on the Toontown Blog.

• Nearly all fonts have been upgraded to use a higher quality format -- they'll look sharper than ever on signs, loading screens, chat bubbles, nametags, and more!
• For Content Pack creators: You can now replace in-game fonts by replacing the files in "phase_3/fonts"!
• Fixed cases of flickering (z-fighting) on Toon Building interior signs.
• Fixed anti-aliasing causing major graphical issues on certain graphics cards.

• Reduced the wait time between gardening pop-ups.
• Added a special digging animation to flowers, trees, and statues.

• Drop S.O.S. Cards used by Toons without the Drop Track will no longer miss against Level 11+ Cogs.
• Fixed an issue that made Drop S.O.S. Cards miss Level 11+ Cogs if used with another Drop Gag.
• Addressed an issue in which Cogs would wake up early if a Lure S.O.S. Card was used by a Toon without the Lure Track.
• Fixed Head Hunter dialogue so they no longer say two sentences in one go. Leave that to the Two-Faces!

October 26, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.6]

The Spooktown Curse
• The Spooktown Curse has been extended to November 3rd! Jack O' Kazam's power grows ever year...
• Fixed an issue that caused every Toon Muzzle to activate at the same time when a Pumpkin Head is hidden. (e.g. in Cog Facilities)
• Addressed issues with ToonTask progress failing to save in certain circumstances.

• All Toontown Online MIDI files have been re-converted to .OGG at CD Quality and with restored instruments.
• Green, Mint Green, Emerald, Teal, Steel Blue have been added as default shirt colors.
• Addressed an issue that caused rotation speed in the Closet, Accessory Trunk, and Kart Shtickerbook Page to be tied to the framerate.
• Updated Cog Golf's Bombs to flash at a set speed, rather than being tied to the framerate.

• Adjusted placement of the Feather Tether to avoid clipping issues.
• Fixed an issue that caused the Super Toon cape to fail to deliver when purchased from Clarabelle's Cattlelog.

• Fixed various bugs with Estate Cannons -- so don't fly away!

• Fixed Merry Multipliers not affecting Bounty Cog XP, which is extra Cog XP given on completion of any Cog facility.
• Doubled Bounty XP awarded in the DA's Office to bring the XP given out in line with other Cog facilities.

Options Menu
• Manual edits to screen resolution in settings.json will no longer be ignored on macOS.
• The Options Remote will now move during the Ring Game and during Racing to avoid obscuring other GUI elements.
• For the sake of performance on low-end machines, the default option for MSAA is now "Off".

Silly Meter
• Addressed a bug that caused multiple Gag XP Multiplier teams to be unable show up in the Silly Meter's team list at the same time.
• While the Speedy Gardening Growth Silly Team is active, plants will no longer consume water.

September 30, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.5]

• Corrected an issue that caused the Slingshot in the Toon Slingshot Trolley Game to ignore the volume slider in the Options Menu.
• Fixed a crash introduced in the last update that could cause certain SpeedChat phrases to crash the game when right-clicked.
• Fixed an issue where saying certain words with SpeedChat+ crashes the game.

• ToonFest's Merry Multipliers have gotten an upgrade! You can now check the remaining time on your Merry Multipliers from the Gags page in the Shticker Book, or via the 'Home' key.
• Made minor changes to the Duck Tank to help stop Toons from blocking the target and to make it easier to hit.
• Adjusted the prices of a few "Mad" hats from 100 ToonFest Tokens to 106 ToonFest Tokens.

September 18, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.4]

• Based on community feedback, Toon HQ has printed a higher quality map of Toontown for your Shticker Book.
• The largest fish you have ever caught of each species can now be viewed in the fishing album of the Shticker Book.
• Corrected an issue that let you enter Toontown while the Toon Deletion window is open in Pick-a-Toon.
• When Summon-a-Cog is open, the Shticker Book can no longer be closed.
• Fixed various bugs that could lead to Districts resetting.

• Spooky Purple is now available as a color for clothing found in Clothing Stores.
• The pop-in and pop-out animations for applicable windows, such as the Options menu, have been tweaked and polished to be much smoother.
• The frame around the Cog Gallery in the Shticker Book has been adjusted to match how it appeared in Toontown Online.
• Fixed an issue that caused the Cashbot Rental Suit skirt and various Winter Hats to have an incorrect texture.
• Shined some light on the Battle Menu's "FIRE" Button, giving it a proper drop-shadow like the other three buttons.

• SpeedChat phrases can now be displayed as a thought bubble by right-clicking the phrase in the SpeedChat menu.
• Added the phrase "Sorry, my group is full." to SpeedChat.
• Many new phrases have been added to the SpeedChat+ Dictionary -- thanks for keeping the suggestions coming!

• While using a Closet, Cheesy Effects such as "Big Head" or "Invisible Toon" will temporarily be hidden.
• Toon Troopers have visited each Toon's estate and rotated the Flappy Cog around to provide him a more scenic view.

C.E.O. Battle
• Addressed a game crash which occurred when viewing another Toon's Doodle during the C.E.O. battle.
• Fixed a long-standing issue that caused multiple Golf Balls to disappear in the C.E.O. battle. Try out new strategies with multiple golfers!

Known Issues
• Some users with NVIDIA graphics hardware may experience issues with having anti-aliasing enabled via the in-game option and in the NVIDIA Control Panel. If you require any help with disabling anti-aliasing, please email us at support@toontownrewritten.com where we will be happy to provide you with assistance.

August 1, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.3]

• Fixed a crash relating to estates.
• Whitelist and blacklist updates.

Toon Deletion
• Accounts will now only retain the past 1000 deleted Toons, rather than an unlimited number. Restoration policies still apply.
• Any Toon who is deleted but never earned a Laff Point or Gag beyond the Cupcake or Squirting Flower will not be eligible for restoration.

ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019
• From now until August 11th at 11:59 PM Toontown Time, you can use code "replayfx2019" to unlock two brand new hat accessories for your Toon!
• Added convention attendee Top Hat

Silly Meter
• Fixed the Silly Meter's double speedway tickets reward.

May 15, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.2]

• Experience Multipliers now stack! If you turn multiple in, their durations are added together.
• Every NPC that gives a ToonTask will now shuffle their offers every hour on the hour.
• Toons can now choose which ToonTask they would like to turn in, if any.
• A new Cogbuck indicator will show up when a Promotion Assist Unite is thrown, showing how many Cogbucks you received.
• Multiple Jellybean and Cogbuck indicators can show up at once! They'll arrange themselves neatly across the bottom of the screen during Beanfests and other Unite-throwing events.
• Added a "Sure!" phrase to SpeedChat, under the "Friendly" submenu.
• One word NPC Names, like "Alice" or "Jake", are no longer blocked by Type-A-Name.

Crash Cashbot Headquarters
• A new reward is now offered from Loopy Loopenloop and Cassie Peppercakes -- Double Cogbucks!
• ToonTasks requiring "Cashbots Anywhere" have been added for all rewards.
• For the rest of Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters, Cashbot Mints have been made easier to complete.
• The amount of Laff points you receive from Goon Treasures out by the Vault Doors has increased.
• More spawn locations have been added to the top of the stairs in Cashbot Headquarters.
• The reward shown for Promotion Assist Unites will now say specifically what kind of Unite it is on the ToonTask.
• Cog Summons are no longer allowed in Cashbot HQ.
• Fixed a bug where a reward for 30 minutes of Double XP Anywhere wasn't deletable.
• Cogbucks ToonTasks will no longer give credit to anyone that owns a Rental Suit.
• Any Toons with Cogbucks and level progress on their Rental Suit will have their Cashbot Suit reset.

Silly Meter
• Resolved an issue with the Silly Meter that caused server instability.

May 3, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.1]

• When using a Toon Rewrite on a Toon that was originally multi-colored, the colors will no longer be overwritten in the Make-A-Toon.

Crash Cashbot Headquarters
• Fixed a crash caused by receiving 5-Star Fire SOS Cards.
• Renamed "Promotion Unites" to "Promotion Assist Unites" to avoid confusion.
• Resistance Rangers will no longer give out duplicate tasks.
• Fixed a semi-rare crash when loading into Cashbot HQ.

Silly Meter
•When a task requires you to visit a Scientoon, your SpeedChat phrases should correctly update to say you need to go to Toon Hall.

May 2, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.0]

Crash Cashbot Headquarters
• Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters has arrived! Until May 31st, the Toon Resistance will be on full attack over at Cashbot Headquarters. Whether you're a new Toon or a seasoned veteran, anyone can participate in the event!
• Cashbot Headquarters has been Crashed! The place is a mess, and The Resistance has set up their outpost in the heart of the Headquarters.
• Goofy's Gag Shop has partnered with the Toon Resistance and has temporarily set up shop within the Resistance Outpost.
• Limited-time ToonTasks have been added with new exclusive clothing, accessories, and rewards. Check back every week to see what new items the Toon Resistance has to offer!
• Hey, who's driving the Trolley? Run after it on the tracks of Cashbot HQ to regain Laff Points!
• Due to increased Silliness in the area, all Toons will have teleport access to Cashbot Headquarters during the event.
• Laff Requirements have been temporarily lifted from the Dollar and Bullion Mints.
• To guard himself, the C.F.O. has sent out some Goons near the doors to the Cashbot Vault.

• Removed the 125 FPS cap. High refresh rate users rejoice!

• Adjusted Whole Fruit/Cream Pie model to fix a texture issue.
• Added an updated Party Cannon texture, featuring more detail and an improved design!
• Fixed a transparency issue with the Twitter Birb hat. Long Live the Birb!

• Street Signs have been re-implemented, and now feature an advertisement for Crash Cashbot Headquarters. Be sure to watch these signs regularly to see what's going on in Toontown!

• Adjusted accessory positioning for nearly every accessory on every type of Toon. Deer and Crocodile Toons in particular should notice a massive difference in quality!
• Increased the size of the Closet and Accessory Trunk, which now hold up to 300 items each!

April 6, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.5.0]

• Engine Upgrade! Toontown Rewritten has been upgraded to Panda3D 1.10, the latest version of the technology which powers Toontown.
• Game performance has been significantly improved. Toontown is now smoother than it has ever been, especially on lower end computers!
• Decreased loading time when entering new areas.
• Fix a common problem related to game settings that would crash the game on startup.
• Fixed many miscellaneous crashes throughout the game.
• Corrected various typos in ToonTask dialogue.
• Updated label of the Shticker Book "Options & Codes" page.
• Fixed a bug causing the "Enter" key to stop working after getting a boarding group invite or friend request.
• Boarding group invites and friend requests can no longer be accidentally accepted when pressing the "Enter" key.
• Implemented additional logging to help us balance various gameplay elements in future updates.

April Toons Week
• Silliness is off the charts! The Silly Meter will provide double Silly Points and a significantly decreased cool down time for the rest of April Toons Week.
• Removed random Toon sounds and effects due to community feedback. Some jokes get old after a few years!

The Silly Meter
• Doctor Surlee has returned to Toon Hall!
• Improved appearance of the Silly Reader's "Inactive" state.
• Fixed a bug causing the "Next Silly Cycle" text to fly into the sky.
• Added a message to the Silly Stats page when Loony Labs is still calculating Silly Points.
• Fixed several street crashes related to animated objects.
• Fixed a bug related to the Silly Meter which caused districts to occasionally freeze.

• Fixed a server crash related to the Toontorial.
• The "Items Recovered" screen at the end of a battle will now display how many of each item was recovered.
• The "Items Not Recovered" screen will no longer display items that have already been found.
• When walking into a Cog that a Toon has started a battle with, you'll now join the battle with them.

• Anti-aliasing is now set to "off" by default on fresh installations of Toontown Rewritten. If you're still experiencing performance issues, we suggest going into the Options Menu and disabling Anti-aliasing.
• GUI Animation has been added for almost all in-game pop-ups. This option can be changed on the "Video" tab!

• Improved instructions for the Toon Slingshot minigame.

• Reduced the volume of the Hype Train furniture item.
• Improved Doodle path-finding. They should have an easier time interacting with you at your Estate!

• The streets of Toontown have been given a visual pass to improve consistency and accuracy to Toontown Online.
• Fixed most cases of texture and sign flickering on building exteriors.
• Fixed a longstanding bug that caused certain street signs to disappear.
• Restored tunnel and elevator signs for Cog Headquarters.
• Restored shop signs on the interior of Toon buildings. This is a feature from Toontown Online that has been missing for years, but has finally returned!

April 1, 2019 [ttr-live-v4.1.19]

• Engine Downgrade! In order to restore all of the nostalgic bugs that we all love so dearly, Toontown Rewritten now uses its original build of Panda3D from 2002.

• Removed Acorn Acres, as it was found to be too confusing for new players looking for Bossbot Headquarters.
• Bossbot Headquarters now features MiniGolf, Fishing Docks, and an Oil Geyser.
• Informed every resident of Oak Street that there is, in fact, a Cog Headquarters just a few steps away.

• Removed sound gags from Toontown.

• Disabled all game sound, just to make sure that the sound gags are gone for good.

March 13, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.4.2]

• Fixed several back-end issues relating to the Silly Meter.
• Added smooth frames support for more animated objects such as hydrants, trashcans, mailboxes, and the fishing bucket in Toon Estates.
• Fixed name of the Silly Meter Start-Up Shirt.

• Added a maximum capacity for buildings to prevent performance issues. You can still teleport to friends who are inside of a full building.

Shticker Book
• Removed ability to scroll to change pages in the Shticker Book due to buggy functionality and the addition of pages with scroll bars.
• Fixed a soft lock when opening the Shticker Book after jumping.

Silly Meter
• Prepared for the first time the Silly Meter reaches the top.
• Implemented dialogue for Toons who try to get a Silly Reader without a free ToonTask slot.

March 10, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.4.1]

• Keep sending us your Silly Meter feedback! This update addresses a number of issues brought up to us by the community, and we have even more adjustments and bugfixes coming soon in future updates.
• Added a new setting for Vertical Synchronization (V-Sync) in the "Video" tab of the Options Panel. When enabled, the game's maximum frame rate will be set to to whatever is supported by your display in order to prevent a visual bug called screen tearing. This setting is enabled by default.

Silly Meter
• Fixed a typo in the "Overjoyed Laff Meters" SpeedChat phrase, which referred to it as the scrapped name "Overlaff."
• Improved formatting of large numbers on the Silly Stats page.
• Added a scroll bar to the Silly Stats page to prevent stats from overflowing off the page.
• Fixed a bug causing the game to freeze when starting the Silly Reader tutorial.
• Fixed a bug causing Silly Points from battle bonuses to be blown extraordinarily out of proportion.
• Adjusted balance of the Cogs' impact on Silly Points.

• Fixed a bug causing FPS drop when collecting treasures in the Maze Game.

• Temporarily disable dynamic street signs to prevent crashing on some Windows machines.
• Slightly boosted the volume and listening radius of animated objects.

• Fixed a bug causing animated objects to help in battle before the amount of Global Silly Points needed to wake them had been reached.

• Fixed an occasional visual bug with Cog explosion animation.

• Fixed a commonly abused bug with the mailbox allowing Toons to bypass collisions.

March 6, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.4.0]

• The Silly Meter has come to Toontown! This is a large-scale change that required adjustments to many pieces of the game. Although we have tested thoroughly, there are always bound to be issues that appear. We will be monitoring the community for feedback and bug reports, so please let us know what you think!
• Fixed a district reset related to Trolley Tracks.
• NPCs will now specifically tell you if you need to finish your ToonTask before grabbing a new one.
• Fixed several bugs related to dynamic audio tracks, such as the main theme music.

Silly Meter
• The Silly Meter has been completed by the Scientoons at Loony Labs! Check out Toon Hall to see the festivities.
• Defeat Cogs, play games, and have fun to generate Silly Points! Most activities will generate more points with other Toons.
• An all-new ToonTask has been added to Toontown! The Scientoons are more than happy to teach Toons about how the Silly Meter works. To start, simply talk to any Scientoon in Toon Hall.
• A new page has been added to the Shticker Book, containing the Silly Reader and a Loony Labs brand clipboard for tracking Silly Stats. You’ll be granted access to this page when you complete the new ToonTask.
• When you’ve unlocked your Silly Reader, you can join one of three randomly selected teams to put your Silly Points towards! The team with the most Silly Points when the Silly Meter maxes out will have it’s reward applied to everyone in Toontown.
• Click on the “Silly Meter” button in the top right corner of the screen at any time to quickly check on the Silly Meter’s status after you’ve unlocked your Silly Reader. Once you’ve read this panel, it will be hidden until the next Silly Meter phase change. Don’t worry, all of the info can be found in your Shticker Book.
• Clicking on the Silly Meter itself will bring up the same Silly Meter Panel. Handy!

Toon Hall
• The Toon Hall building has a received a fresh coat of paint, featuring a new color scheme and increased details.
• The interior of the Toon Hall has been redone as well to give Flippy a new office, and a space for the Silly Meter.
• As the Silly Levels build higher, the Silly Meter will move more frantically, gain extra bits and bobs, and the music in Toon Hall will become more intense!
• Surrounding the Silly Meter, you can find Doctor Surlee, Professor Prepostera, and Doctor Dimm. Talk to them if you need help with the Silly Meter!
• For a limited time, you can also find C.A.K.E. Team members Professor Purrview and Doctor Fumbdound checking on the Silly Meter’s status. Loony Labs has all hands on deck!
• Made various improvements to Flippy’s Office compared to how it previously appeared in Toontown Online.

Playgrounds and Streets
• Toontown is more alive than ever before! Street Props such as Fire Hydrants, Mailboxes, and Recycling Bins have come to life. Give Toontown’s newest residents a warm welcome!
• When the Silly Meter is nearing its peak, Street Props will grant a temporary speed boost to Toons passing by. Zip down the street faster than ever before!
• Toontown's street signs will now update from time to time for special events.

Cog Battles
• While Silly Levels are rising, Street Props will assist in battles on the street. Enjoy an instant boost to Gag effectiveness!

February 2, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.3.4]

• Increased game stability when moving from one area to another. If you're still crashing while moving through tunnels or doors, please let us know by emailing support@toontownrewritten.com.
• Adjusted "Enter Code" box in the Shtickerbook to ensure that longer codes can be entered.
• Fixed an obscure grammar issue in the Bossbot Cog Suit ToonTask line.
• Boarding Group confirmation prompts will no longer be stuck on the screen.

Winter Laff-o-Lympics
• Implemented the 2019 Winter Laff-o-Lympics prizes. If you participated, your prizes will be distributed throughout the day.
• The all-new "Frostbite" Name Tag is available to all 2019 Winter Laff-o-Lympics participants who placed in Gold!

Cog Battles
• Addressed an issue that could cause Cog Battles to momentarily freeze when a new Toon or Cog joined the battle.

• Fixed a longstanding transparency issue with the Party Gate in every Playground.
• Adjusted the street signs in Donald's Dreamland to use a unique purple border.
• Altered various textures throughout the game to fix minor visual seams and clipping.

• Attempting to purchase a new nametag will now warn you that your current one will need to be re-purchased in the Cattlelog.

December 31, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.3.3]

• Various backend changes have been made to prepare for a future game engine update.
• Fixed a bug related to toggling the "Animation Blending" option while in an elevator.

• Added two new Toon colors, Bubblegum and Beige!
• The new Toon colors can also be applied to clothing found in Make-a-Toon and clothing stores.

• The Laff-o-Lympics are about to begin! Until February 1st, any Toon starting at 15 or 16 Laff points can compete to gain the most Laff points.
• Added limited time SpeedChat phrases related to the Laff-o-Lympics. Show your team spirit!

December 20, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.3.1]

• Pressing the "Enter" key will now confirm pop-up GUI.
• Addressed an issue that caused the expiration date of Winter Caroling ToonTasks to improperly reset.
• Fixed a bug on macOS devices causing the mouse cursor to not match its on-screen location.

• Thanks to community feedback, when Animation Blending is disabled, the smooth movement changes will also be disabled.
• Fixed various animation issues that occurred when Animation Blending is enabled.
• Addressed various instances where the Options Remote could be obscured or covered entirely in the bottom right corner of the screen.
• Fixed a few bugs related to the Automatic SpeedChat+ setting.

• Fixed an issue that caused some keybindings to display improperly in Trolley Game instructions.
• Fixed a rare bug causing "Minigame Template" to appear when playing Trolley Games.
• Fixed a visual stutter in Match Minnie when Animation Smoothing is enabled.

• Fixed various animation bugs related to Animation Blending and Smoothing in Cog Battles.

• Fixed an issue that caused controls to be disabled during fishing.

Known Bugs
• Toons who completed the Snowman Head ToonTask last year may not be able to get the task again. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible!
• Keys bound to "Enter" may not work properly after pressing "Enter" to confirm a pop-up GUI.

November 29, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.3.0]

• Implemented the all-new Options Menu! Check it out by clicking on the remote icon in the bottom right of your screen, or by pressing SHIFT + ESC (by default).
• Fixed a crash that occurred when using a Toon Rewrite while using the Spooky Purple color.
• Corrected an issue that could cause sound effects to continue playing after disabling and re-enabling sound effects.
• Fixed a minor typo in Cog dialogue.
• All settings that were only accessible through the settings.json file previously are now available in-game. This includes Anti-Aliasing, Animation Smoothing, Discord Integration, etc.

• Adding WASD support to Toontown was our most requested feature EVER! We've now done that, and much more.
• All keys that can be used in game can now be reassigned in the Options Menu. Use the control scheme that works for you!
• Toons can now slow down and walk rather than run when holding SHIFT (by default).
• Reworked walk controls to feel more fluid. Toons will transition to running and stopping, rather than maintaining a constant speed.
• The new control system has been heavily tested by the team. However, if you run into any issues, please email support@toontownrewritten.com so we can get it fixed as soon as possible!

• Music and Sound Effects can be individually adjusted to be quieter or louder.
• Visual SFX Indicators can now be toggled from in-game. If Sound Effects are disabled, Visual Indicators will always be on.

• Implemented support for borderless fullscreen display mode, which is now the default on Windows and Linux.
• Legacy fullscreen support has been removed for macOS Toons, in favor of Apple's integrated system. If you’re using a Mac, you should instead use the green maximize button to toggle between Windowed and Fullscreen modes.
• Added ability to turn on a Frame Rate Meter from the Options Menu.
• Implemented Toony GUI transitions, which can be disabled for a more classic Toontown feel.
• Fixed a longstanding bug where nametags and chat bubbles couldn't be clicked after changing the game's display mode.

• Implemented animation blending for more natural Toon movement. Animation will no longer start/stop abruptly, but instead blend from one to another. This can be turned off in the Options Menu.

Shticker Book
• The Street M.A.P.S. icon is now hidden until hovering over the Shticker Book to avoid screen clutter.
• Fixed a bug in the Toontorial where the left/right keys could be pressed to view other pages of the Shticker Book while talking to HQ Harry.
• Simplified the Options & Codes page to combine the two tabs into one.

October 25, 2018 [ttr-live-2.2.5]

• The Spooktown Curse has grown spookier than ever before!
• All of the Candy in Toontown has vanished! You can talk to Jack O’ Kazam in Toontown Central to begin his brand new Trick or Treat ToonTask.
• A new Toon Color has hit the Cattlelog! For a limited time in your next issue, grab "Spooky Purple" to embrace the Spooktown Spirit.

• Fix typo in Sombrero accessory name.

• Fireflies have invaded Donald’s Dreamland! These little creatures are a fierce ally of the already prevalent butterfly threat in Toontown Central.
• Rewrote Butterfly logic to squash several small bugs.

• Adjusted various Toon and Cog attacks to appear more fluid, and fix visual bugs.
• Gags such as the Big Magnet and Megaphone now fit snugly in Toon's gloves.
• Breathe easy! Toons will no longer stop breathing when certain Toon-Up gags are used.
• Fixed a crash related to the reward panel.

Cog HQ
• Fixed an issue that caused the Sellbot Vice President's gears to take no Laff from Toons upon collision.

• Fixed various cannon-related game crashes.

October 6, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.2.4]

• Fixed several crashes related to dynamic margins, most notably in Cog Golf Courses.
• Toons will no longer stop breathing after having a Lipstick Gag used on them. It's a good thing Toons can hold their breath for so long!

ToonFest & Parties
• Fixed a longstanding issue with cannons that caused Toons to get stuck when entering.

• Extended the timer for buying a Doodle to six minutes.

Discord Integration
• Discord usernames are no longer printed to the log file upon connection. (This was a debug feature accidentally left on.)

September 24, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.2.3]

• Fixed a crash when entering the Toontorial. Tutorial Tom sends his sincere apologies for that misplaced piano!
• Fixed a crash caused by opening the friends list on low screen resolutions.

Discord Integration
• Added better location details for Rich Presence when in the Toontorial.
• Fixed a crash when opening the game caused by using special characters in a Discord username.
• Fixed a crash when entering Welcome Valley with Discord Detailed Presence enabled.

September 22, 2018 [ttr-live-2.2.2]

• Added dynamic window margins, which allows for more boxes to fit on the sides of the screen depending on your aspect ratio.
• Changed wording to indicate that Toons cannot access the 7th Gag Track based on community feedback.
• Re-implemented holiday-based Pick-a-Toon screen backgrounds.
• Added Cast Member Tag. This is the first of our Cast Member minigames to be added to Toontown. Look out for Toon Troopers around Toontown, and if you see one, be sure to ask them to play tag with you!
• Added integration with Discord in the form of Rich Presence. If you’re 13 or older and have your parent’s permission, you can make a free Discord account and chat with your friends! Your Discord friends can see your Toon’s stats and your location in-game if you find “detailed-presence" in your settings.json file and change false to true.

• You can now see the specific area your friends are in while looking at the Toon Detail Panel.
• You can now adjust your teleporting preferences in the Shtickerbook, restricting the feature to friends or disabling it entirely.
• When using Type-a-Name in the Make-a-Toon menu, a confirmation prompt will now appear before you can submit the name.

• Addressed multiple instances of crashes related to the ToonFest Event Grounds.
• Fixed a longstanding issue with fishing at ToonFest that led to hits incorrectly being counted as misses.
• There are no longer two sets of Token Takers Tori and Tanner. Looks like Tobias and Tonya had an identity crisis!
• Added a “miss” sound effect to the Duck Tank when the pole of the target is hit.

• Changed Cog defeat animation to fix an issue which caused the legs to clip into the torso.
• Cogs will no longer end their lure idle animation when another Cog in the same battle is defeated.
• Fixed an exploit with the Boarding Groups feature.

• Adjusted the dynamic music system to fade between tracks when going underwater.

September 1, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.2.1]

• Fixed a bug allowing Toons to press the button to teleport to a District that they're already in.
• Fixed a typo in Loony Louis’s ToonTask dialogue. Let us know if you see any other typos in task messages!
• Fixed one of the most commonly reported crashes, which occurred when entering a new area.
• You can now adjust the level of detail (LOD) by adding "lod-distance" in your settings.json file. Setting this to higher values will make Toons higher quality from a distance! 0 is the current default, and you can try 1 or 2 for longer distances.

• Improved various Toon animation based on community feedback. Thanks for the bug reports!
• Toon heads will now smoothly transition forward when falling asleep.
• Shadows will now squash and stretch with certain Toon animation, just like they used to in the earlier days of Toontown Online!
• Fixed a bug from our Rerigged project that caused Toon pupils to appear pixelated.
• Converted all Toon species heads to our internal Rerigged pipeline with miscellaneous fixes and enhancements.

• Just as we did last month for Toons, we have moved the Cogs over to our brand new rigging system. This allows for us to create new Cog animation in the future.
• Made various fixes and enhancements to Cog and Skelecog appearances.
• Updated the Mover and Shakers’ attacks with a better shaking effect during battle.

• We've heard your feedback and reversed the anti-macro changes made to Doodle training that were unintentionally bothering fair players. Please be aware though, that using bots or macros to play the game for you is still not allowed by our Terms of Service!

• Adjusted the size of the Polar Place sign on the tunnel in The Brrrgh.
• Add new underwater music for Donald's Dock and Acorn Acres. Let us know what other areas of the game you'd like to see new music!

Cog HQ
• Helped prevent accidental teleporting with a new prompt that appears when teleporting out of Cog Facilities.
• Adjusted Sellbot HQ spawn locations to fix issues with appearing in the ground.
• Fixed a visual bug when unlocking Sellbot Factory doors.
• Fixed an issue causing the barrel collect sound to play repeatedly when re-entering a room.
• When grabbing a jellybean barrel in a Cog Facility, you’ll now be shown how many beans you collected.
• Grabbing a gag barrel will play a unique sound depending on the type of gag being received.

• Added various preparations for the upcoming ToonFest event on September 19. Stay TOONed!
• Added new SpeedChat phrases that will be active during the event.
• Decreased the volume of the "Hype Train" interactive furniture prize.

July 20, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.2.0]

• “The Random Toon Shirt” has been added to the game in memory of Michael (Kong). For a limited time, you can get this shirt for free using the code “thank-you-kong” in your Shtickerbook.
• Fixed an issue that prevented Silly Saturdays, Fishing Bingo, Grand Prix and Trolley Tracks from starting on schedule.
• Fixed a bug caused by Toons opening their Shticker Book while jumping.
• Updated whitelist with new words and phrases for SpeedChat+ players.
• Miscellaneous preparations for ToonFest at ReplayFX 2018.

• The "Toontown Rerigged 2.0" project is complete! All Toon animation has been moved over to this new animation system and tweaked as needed, allowing for easier content creation and fixing a few bugs along the way. Now, about that Cog animation...
• As a “surprise” to show off the capabilities of the new Toon rigs, we re-animated the “surprise” animation to be more accurate to original concept!
• Added custom muzzles for the “Surprise”, “Cry”, “Delighted”, “Furious”, and “Laugh” animations on Crocodile and Deer Toons.
• Removed rabbit teeth during rabbit muzzle changes to avoid clipping and improve appearance.
• Made several improvements to Toon LOD models.
• Cleaned up various sets of animation that had an incorrect number of frames.
• Fixed a longstanding bug that caused Toons to jump forward while swimming.
• Fixed various situations where Toon legs would clip through shorts and skirts.
• Tall Toons, rejoice! You can squash AND stretch in style once more!
• Many, many more animation tweaks -- far too many to list here! If you spot a Toon animation that doesn’t make you bust out a smile, let us know so we can make it better.

• Players who type a Pick-a-Name pattern of the opposite gender will now have their name automatically approved, just like typing a Pick-a-Name pattern of the same gender. This will allow some names that have been previously restricted to NPCs to now be available for everyone.

• Cog Attacks which were previously silent now feature new sound effects. We experimented for a while to ensure that all sounds have the proper Toontown feel, so let us know what you think about the new sounds!
• Fixed an issue that caused Toons saved by a Toon-Up unite during battle to lose their gags.
• Gags of the same type against the same Cog will now either all miss or all hit in that round. This change does not impact the chances of a Gag track hitting one Cog and the same track missing another Cog.
• Luring a Cog will no longer decrease accuracy of Lure gags towards a Cog of a lower level in a later round.
• Fixed a bug that prevented Doodles from getting XP credit for a successful trick in battle.
• Fixed a bug causing incorrect calculation of "organic" and "knockback" gag damage.

Cog HQs
• Added a visual alert to notify you when the V.P. or C.J. is about to jump. This change is designed for players who are deaf and hard of hearing, or prefer to play with sounds disabled. If you would like to disable this feature when sound effects are on, set "sound-accessibility" to false in your settings.json file. We are working to make Toontown a more accessible game for all players. Please send us your suggestions!
• Added an alert if someone tries to add you to a boss battle Boarding Group but you aren’t ready for a promotion.
• The safes in the C.F.O. battle will no longer fall through the back wall of the vault while they are on the crane magnet.
• Fixed a bug that causes Toons to gain more than the usual amount of Merits, Cogbucks, Jury Notices and Stock Options if a Toon in the same group disconnects in a cog facility.

• Added the long-awaited Blockout Bingo game mode to the Fish Bingo rotation! At the top of each hour, every fishing pond in Toontown will be in competition to fill the board first for a massive Jellybean prize. Grab your rods and game on during Fish Bingo Wednesdays and Silly Saturdays!

• Corrected an issue with mailboxes where confirmation notices would disappear instantly.
• Fixed a district reset related to Doodles.

• More times will now appear on the Goofy Speedway Leaderboard.
• Fixed a bug causing daily and weekly leaderboard times to remain longer than they were supposed to.
• Fixed a bug that prevented refunds of deposited tickets on Grand Prix Monday in some cases.

April 1, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.1.6]

• Increased difficulty of Lil Oldman's ToonTasks at the community's request.

• Added feature to increase Lure gag accuracy by 30% when "glue" is said in battle.

• The Toon HQ in Toontown Central has added a periscope to keep an eye out for incoming invasions.
• Added more clouds to the cloud on the map.

• Decreased difficulty of Lil Oldman's ToonTasks at the community's request.

• Fixed a district reset relating to an upcoming phase of the Silly Particle event.
• Adjusted Silly Particle spawn rates for better balancing.
• Fixed a bug causing the max Silly Particles message to appear for all Toons within an area.
• April Toons Week has begun! Get ready for a week full of silliness beyond limits. Watch out for wacky side effects like lowered gravity and other surprises!
• Silly Particles are getting sillier! Toons can now carry up to 50, and thanks to the silliness, Doctor Surlee can split a particle into two to make it worth double towards his goal.

March 29, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.1.5]

• Miscellaneous engine updates have been made to increase game stability.
• Improved performance in areas with lots of Cogs walking around, such as Cog HQs.
• Updated the SpeedChat+ whitelist with new community requests.

• Balanced Deer sound effects to blend better with other Toon Species.

• Fixed a visual bug with the Toon HQ periscope when experimental "smooth-frames" feature is activated in the config.

• Toontown Central fire hydrants now have a new default pose.
• Replaced several old trash cans with new ones marked for recycling.
• Building colors have been adjusted to reflect their appearance in Toontown Online.
• Fixed a visual bug relating to building windows.

Toon Parties
• General stability improvements related to Toon Parties.
• Fixed a server crash caused by having too many parties in your calendar history.

• Fixed an issue for Toons affected by a bug with racing trophies, causing them to have an extra or missing Laff point.

• Implement preparations for upcoming April Toons Week event.
• Silly Particles have spread around Toontown! Collect them and turn them into Doctor Surlee for jellybeans.
• Professor Prepostera has a new unlockable ToonTask with brand new gameplay! Keep your eyes peeled for his appearance.
• Samantha Spade has put on her best detective trench coat to get to the bottom of this Silly Particle mystery!
• There's more to this update than meets the eye... Good luck!

February 26, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.1.4]

• Updated engine with various stability and performance improvements.
• The time has come! Audio should no longer cause the game to crash while playing on macOS. We’ll be turning both sound effects and music back on by default, so let us know how it goes! If issues continue, please contact us at support@toontownrewritten.com.
• Minimizing the game will no longer cause a crash.
• Fixed a crash related to enabling and disabling sound effects on all platforms.
• General fixes have been made to the way Intel Integrated Graphics are handled, which should lead to greatly improved visuals on low-end machines and laptops.

• Fixed longstanding bug which caused doors to flicker black when viewed at a distance.
• Doors will no longer slightly change color when opened.
• Fixed a bug causing the Party clock to not load one of its sounds properly.

• Players should now earn the correct amount of Laff points from racing trophies.

• Fixed crashes that occurred when removing some items from the mailbox.
• Added preventative measures to combat Doodle training bots and macros. We're looking into ways to improve Doodle training to eliminate the need in the first place!

• Fixed a crash relating to Toons blinking.
• Fixed a crash relating to Cog battles.
• Fixed various crashes related to the Maze Game, Treasure Dive, and Ice Slide.

January 4, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.1.2]

• Fixed a bug where a crash could potentially occur during zone transitions.
• Fix a crash relating to deer's red noses that would prevent some users from logging in, and cause crashes when viewing certain entries on the friends list.
• Fix a couple crashes that could occur when a user left in the midst of battle, or during the victory sequence.
• Fix a rare crash related to toon heads.

• Fix certain rare crashes that would occur during the diving game and ice games.

Boss Battles
• "Phantom" jumps in the V.P. should now be fixed.

December 18, 2017 [ttr-live-2.1.0]

• Updated the game engine with various bugfixes.
• Fixed a visual bug causing a white tint when playing in full screen with some Nvidia Graphics Cards.
• Added support for 1920x1200 screen resolution.
• Implemented support for more advanced interactive walking NPCs, currently used for the Winter Holiday Snowtoons. Let us know if you like these NPCs and would like to see more like them!

• Fixed a typo when rewriting a Toon with a special color.

• Shopkeepers and HQ Officers now respond with special dialogue when attempting to turn in an incomplete ToonTask.
• Fixed a typo with Cog Building ToonTasks.

• Plan a Winter Holiday Party! Special decorations are available for a limited time.
• Fixed a server crash relating to the Tug-o-War activity.

• Fixed an issue with duplicate winter items appearing in the Cattlelog.
• Fixed a server crash relating to winter Cattlelog items.

• Fixed a longstanding bug preventing Windows users from hitting golf balls properly. Their physics-breaking shenanigans have been stopped!

Cog HQ
• Fixed a crash at the end of boss battles when eight Toons are present.

Winter Holiday Event
• It's snowing! This blizzard is set up to be Toontown's fiercest yet.
• Added new Winter Holiday music to all playgrounds.
• Implemented brand new Winter Caroling ToonTasks! These tasks phase out the old puzzle and add a brand new in-game scavenger hunt to earn your Snowman head. You can grab the task by talking to Snowman in Toontown Central.
• Added several hidden features yet to be revealed during the Twelve Days of Winter.
NOTE: Our Toon Troopers are working on getting this update released as soon as possible. You won't see these Snowtoons in game just yet! In the meantime, sit back by the fire and drink some cocoa while listening to this special sneak preview of the Toontown Central Winter Holiday Music!

November 23, 2017 [ttr-live-v2.0.6]

• Fixed an issue with the Skelecog Mega-Invasion end date being incorrect in the calendar.
• Improved our "District Draining" feature, allowing us to locate Toons to a different district and perform maintenance without disrupting gameplay.

• Black Cats, Polar Bears, and ToonFest Blue Toons can now use a "Toon Rewrite" without losing their special color.
• Fixed "poofing" for Pumpkin and Snowman heads when running down the street. That'll come in handy this winter!
• Improved detection to make sure no Toons are left with a permanent Pumpkin head.

Cog HQ
• Fixed a crash related to unites, often causing a crash at the end of a CFO.
• Fixed a bug causing portions of the Sellbot Factory to disappear when in the East or West Elevator Shaft.
• "SPLATS" will now appear properly for pies thrown by other players in places such as the Sellbot V.P. Battle.
• Fixed an issue causing excessive frame rate drops when throwing pies in the Sellbot V.P. or Lawbot C.J. Battle. Let us know if you see an improvement!

• Fixed an animation error when reeling in fish.
• Slightly reduced the length of the reel animation.

• All racing trophies should now display properly in the Shtickerbook.
• Fixed a visual bug causing the shadow to be visible in the air when placing a Kart.
• Added widescreen support for the "Exit" button on a race pad.

• Fixed a district reset relating to Party Planning.

• Chat messages will no longer be cleared after a Toon-Up gag has been used. (They will, however, still be interrupted by laughs. You can't help but laugh at a good gag!)
• Fixed a district reset relating to battles.
• Fixed a bug causing Toons to receive no experience if another Toon unexpectedly disconnects in a Cog Building.
• Fixed the "500 to go" bug once and for all -- we hope! Send us an email if this issue continues to pop up in any of your battles.

October 14, 2017 [ttr-live-v2.0.5]

• Added the Laff-o-lympics prize items! These prizes are being packaged and will be delivered within the next few days.
• The smooth frames feature now works properly for exploding Cogs and the dreidel furniture item.
• Fixed several visual issues relating to transparent ground objects.

• Fixed visual issues with Pig Toons accidentally introduced in a recent update.
• Fixed improper alignment of the Scuba Tank and Seltzer Bottle backpack.

• Added a shortcut on Pajama Place to reach Cashbot HQ more quickly. Go bust those Cogs!
• Fixed a visual issue a portion of the sidewalk on Seaweed Street.

Cog HQ
• Fixed several visual and collision bugs in the Lawbot HQ boss battle.

• Introducing the Duck Tank, ToonFest's first teamwork activity! Activate the tank's target by hitting Cog dummies, and then throw as many pies as you can to dunk Cleff! A large amount of ToonFest tokens will be given to all team members based off of how quickly you can dunk him, and how many times the target was hit. You'll need friends to help!
• The Week-long Grand Finale of ToonFest starts today at 3:00PM Toontown Time (PDT)! Celebrate with Double Tokens and a Finale Fireworks display every three hours, all week long.
• The new Loco Locomotion Set is now on sale at the ToonFest tower! Grab this limited time interactive furniture item before it's gone!
• Cog dummies will now give out ToonFest tokens if you hit them enough to trigger the ToonFest tower or Duck Tank.
• Bean Bags now give out more jellybeans!
• Riggy is just a "hare" taller than he was before.
• The price of pies from the Pie Purchases stand has been lowered.
• Slightly raised the price of 1 hour Merry Multipliers to be consistent with other multipliers.
• Fixed a bug causing Merry Multipliers to display "already purchased" if a Toon logged off before the multiplier expired.
• Fixed a bug preventing ToonFest token bags from being picked up when a Toon's jellybean bank was full.
• Fixed a crash relating to Cog dummy sound effects.
• Fixed a crash caused by teleporting away while riding the ToonFest tower merry-go-round.
• Toons will now teleport away from the ToonFest area when the event ends - no update necessary!

September 19, 2017 [ttr-live-v2.0.4]

• Improved server performance to handle higher player load.
• Updated server engine with performance and stability improvements.

• Updated Deer and Crocodile sounds to blend better with other animal sound effects.
• Fixed a bug causing Toon eyes to disappear in some scenarios, such as by wearing the Dork Glasses.
• Fixed a few bugs with the game's dynamic theme song.

• Implemented "Super Safe Districts", which disallow Invasion Summoning. These districts are still susceptible to random invasions!
• Weekly events have been turned off in Safe Districts for those who want to avoid Bingo, Trolley Tracks, or the Grand Prix.
• Add a confirmation prompt when trying to teleport to Welcome Valley.
• Changed layout of district page to be more informative and less cluttered.
• Fixed a crash related to Welcome Valley.

• ToonFest 2017 is here! Head over to the event tunnel in Acorn Acres to join the party, or click on the red icon next to your friends list.
• Fixed a number of bugs left over from last year's ToonFest.
• The ToonFest tunnel will automatically open and close when the event starts and ends, allowing the event to start without an update in the future.
• Unlike last year, the doors of the ToonFest Tower are already open! You can start buying those unique items as soon as you have tokens in your jar, rather than waiting for it to unlock. Keep your eyes peeled for new ways to earn tokens as the event continues.

• Improved general stability of Toon Parties.

• Improved general stability of racing.
• The leaderboard now shows some of Goofy's personal records to try and beat, rather than an empty list when the top 10 hasn't been filled.
• Fixed a bug causing leaderboards to show an incorrect time for some records.
• Grand Prix races should now give out the proper amount of tickets.
• Improved Grand Prix bonus ticket calculation to account for disconnected racers.
• Fixed a crash caused by racers taking too long to finish a race.
• Fixed a bug causing Racing Trophies to be calculated incorrectly.

• Increased the spawn rate of Cogs in all playgrounds but Toontown Central. Give us feedback to let us know if this new spawn rate is too much, or too little!
• v2.0 or Skelecog Mega-Invasions now contain "waves" of Cogs, resulting in a different type of Cog invading every few hours.
• Fixed a bug causing Cogs to appear invisible on rare occasion during battle.

• Extend the timer of the Diving Game by 10 seconds to allow Toons to collect up to three treasures.
• Fixed a few visual bugs in Donald's Dreamland.

• Fully bloomed flowers can now be picked without an additional confirmation prompt. Pick those flowers as fast as the wind!
• Fixed a district reset related to the Cattlelog.
• Removed duplicate accessories from the Cattlelog.

September 1, 2017 [ttr-live-v2.0.0]

Toontown Rewritten has officially left Beta!
• Added new Toontown logo and branding throughout the game.
• Added new Toontown theme song.
• The opening sequence to the game has been redesigned! This will continue to be enhanced in future updates.
• The game cursor can now be modified with custom resource packs.
• Players can now manually enable an experimental feature called "smooth-frames" in their settings.json file, which will allow the game to run at a higher frame rate. This feature will be moved to the Shtickerbook after more testing!
• Resource packs can now set unique battle music for each Playground or Cog HQ. All unique Playground battle music must exist as "phase_3.5/audio/bgm/encntr__bg.ogg". For example, "encntr_ttc_bg.ogg" will use custom battle music only for Toontown Central. Cog HQ battle music should go in its respective phase folder.

• Fixed a bug where Toon's eyes would remain permanently shut.
• Over 25 new accessories have been added, including many fan favorites from Toontown Online with a new and improved appearance. These will start arriving in future issues of the Cattlelog.
• New Toon Species have come to Toontown! Go and make a Deer and Crocodile Toon TODAY!

• Toontown's Districts have been renamed! The Toon Council has come up with new district names that are easier to spell, more fun to say, and fit in perfectly with the wackiness of Toontown.
• Implemented SpeedChat-only Districts, which restrict the usage of SpeedChat+. These districts are marked with a green SpeedChat button.
• Updated district-filling algorithm to fill up Districts to a more ideal population. This algorithm also prevents SpeedChat+ players from landing in a SpeedChat-only district when possible.

• Fixed a number of glitches relating to the Shtickerbook.
• Toons can now hold all SOS cards! The Shtickerbook page and battle screen has been redesigned to allow them to be scrolled and sorted.
• Racing stats can now be seen on the "Trophy" tab of the "Racing" page to keep track of progress.

• Fixed a bug causing Toons to get stuck in their wardrobe or accessory trunk.
• Toons can now sell fish at their estate! Each estate has been supplied with a special fishing bucket with a portable hole in the bottom, which will take your fish straight to to the Pet Shop.

• We've rewritten the code for racing from the ground up! Racing previously was written very early in alpha, and had a number of problems that didn't scale well while the game was in Beta. Several of the issues fixed are listed here.
• Fixed a bug causing race timers to display negative numbers.
• Fixed a number of bugs relating to gags in Battle Races.
• Improved handling of Toon disconnects during races.
• Banana peels have a slightly smaller collision sphere.
• Implemented Goofy Speedway leaderboard. Compete to earn the fastest time of the day, week, or all time!
• The Grand Prix is here! Every Monday, you can enter a three-course racing tournament to score massive tickets.
• Winning races in the Grand Prix now count towards "total races won" trophies.
• To celebrate all of these racing improvements, Goofy Speedway is hosting a Grand Opening week for the Grand Prix! You can enter racing tournaments on any day until September 8th.

• Toon Parties are back, and better than ever! Head over to the giant party hat in any playground to plan or join a party! You can also find Party Planning tools in the "Events" section of the Shtickerbook.
• Implemented all party activities. Previously in Alpha, parties only had cannons, trampolines, and dance floors.
• Toons can now receive invitations to parties in the mail from their friends.
• When logging in and at the top of every hour, the party hat will let off a series of silly chimes to note the hour.
• Added new Toontown Rewritten songs to the Party Jukebox.

• "Toons Hit" and "Cogs Miss" SOS cards now work for the proper amount of rounds.
• Fixed a bug that would cause the "0 to go!" animation to trigger during the reward even if a Level 7 gag hadn't been used.
• Fixed a rare bug where Cogs would appear to be invisible during battle.
• Extended gag sound effects in resource packs will no longer stall battles.

Cog HQ
• Added new music for Cashbot HQ.
• Fixed a bug in Lawbot DA Offices where two laser battles could be triggered.
• Updated an incorrect prop in the Cashbot Bullion Mint which displayed cash instead of gold.
• Fixed a few bugs where Boss Cogs could still damage Toons while stunned or defeated.
• Fixed a bug where the VP stun sound effects would continue playing after unstunned.
• Fixed a bug where the CFO could become unstunned too early.
• Improved general behavior of CFO attacks.
• Toons will be alerted by Good Ol' Gil Giggles if the CEO has been fully slowed down by golf balls.
• Fixed a bug allowing Toons to walk around while the CEO is being demoted.
• Toons should no longer disappear during the Boss reward movie.

• Introducing Silly Saturdays! Every Saturday, stop by every 2 hours for Fish Bingo, Trolley Tracks, and Grand Prix events all combined into one silly day.
• Fixed a bug causing Toons to be booted out of the gag purchase screen before the timer runs out.
• Fixed a bug causing Whispering Willow and Paula Bear to send an excessive amount of whispers.
• Moved a picnic table in Acorn Acres to stop Toons from landing on it when entering.