Welcome to ToontownDB!

"What is ToontownDB?", you ask? Well, ToontownDB, as the name indicates, is a website/database for documenting Toontown Online's history, hidden files and other stuff related to it.

Currently, the website is in it's early stages, as more and more pages are being made, as well as fixed. This website was originally on Neocities, but stopped receiving updates after October 2018. It is now back and ready for more content!


Everything is back in it's place. — yoshi (2/22/2020)

After a day of effort, all of ToontownDB's previous content is now available again! I've also corrected and fixed some errors, mostly in the articles, so the information should now be more accurate. Enjoy going through!

Back in action! — yoshi (2/21/2020)

Welcome back! It sure has been a while since ToontownDB was last seen. Sadly, the promise of "providing more content" in the last article has not been originally kept, but the past is the past, and the website is now back in development!

Also worth mentioning is the new layout overhaul. While the website initially looked like something from 1998, it has now been changed completely! Hopefully you like the new redesign.

Credit to u/drewc5131 for the background!