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toontown online content pack

this project has been discontinued, due to a lack of activity and a better alternative existing.

instructions on how to install:
  1. create a folder called resources in your toontown rewritten installation directory.
  2. download the file with the link above.
  3. move the file to the resources folder you created earlier.
update log:
  • v1.1.0 (11/24/2019):
    removed all files that were unmodified for this pack, reducing the filesize from over 300 mb to almost 7mb
  • v1.0.4 (03/28/2019):
    reverted lawbot da office music to the original song
  • v1.0.3 (12/19/2018):
    recompiled the content pack so it runs on 1 .mf file
    fixed up the page code and made it look better
  • v1.0.2 (10/28/2017):
    changed the big magnet color to red (although its not using the original tto texture)
  • v1.0.1 (10/25/2017):
    changed the big magnet back to normal
    changed the archive's file extension to .zip
  • v1.0 (10/24/2017):
    changed music for the cashbot hq courtyard, the cashbot mint, the inside building music in daisy gardens and the final floor of the bossbot golf courses (replaced the last one with bossbot_factory_v3)
    replaced the big magnet texture with the small magnet texture

the randomness pack

warning: this pack will not work today as it has not received a update since it's initial release in 2016.


this is my very first pack ever, made in september 2016. i was mostly doing whatever and replacing random assets with new ones (hence the name being the randomness pack). i posted the pack on ttrforums and the response was... ok.

not a ton of fanfare, obviously, but some people thought it was good enough for my first project, since not a lot of people can do their best the first time around.

so yeah, the only reason i put this here is to archive my internet legacy (you know, because it's not like i already do that or anything). enjoy looking through the textures.

if you're curious about how the pack looked like, i made a demo video showcasing some of the stuff i've changed.

also, a quick sidenote: i was looking through the decompiled files and found a ton of old leftovers as well as 2016 stuff, so i guess you can say i'm also uploading old ttr assets..?

© yoshi. all copyrighted material that i didn't make is the property of their respective owners. sauce.

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