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this modpack is mostly ps2-focused, with most of the mods restoring ps2 features and graphics that were lost in the pc port, but there are also plenty of mods that fix the bugs from this busted ass port. it also includes a launcher where you can run either san andreas or samp, since this pack was made for the steam version. if you don't plan to run samp, then you don't really need it, and you can simply delete it.

if you do plan to use it however, then you need to make a symlink for gta_sa.exe. samp is searching for the filename of the original exe, so it won't find the exe if it has the steam name. if you don't care about alt-tabbing being a pain in the ass on windows 10, then you can simply rename it to gta_sa.exe, but if you do, then follow the setup instructions fully.

  1. place all the files into your san andreas directory. replace any files if prompted. (highly recommend to back them up if needed)
  2. run install.bat. this batch file is the installer for the downgrader, which will restore the original radio and the original files from the 1.0 version. if you wish, you may also delete the steam exe.
  3. if you don't plan to use the launcher + samp, skip to step 5. otherwise, rename the now downgraded "gta-sa.exe" to "gtasa.exe" and "gta-sa-launcher.exe" to "gta-sa.exe".
  4. open command prompt as admin, and enter the command mklink "[your gta san andreas directory path]\gta_sa.exe" "[your gta san andreas directory path]\gtasa.exe". this is for the launcher + samp, which both look for "gta_sa.exe".
  5. if you wish, open up the modloader and scripts folders and tweak everything to your liking, otherwise leave everything as-is.
  6. if you do not wish to use the custom cutscene model mod and/or the skin selector mod, open the game and press f1 to open the modloader menu. next, select modifications, select custom cutscene model and/or skin selector (o) and set enabled to off. otherwise, follow the instructions in cscarl.txt, which is in the "modloader\Custom Cutscene Model\models\gta3.img" directory. there are no player skins bundled with the modpack, so you'll need to find your own if you wish to use the skin selector.

you should now have a modded game! if there's any crashes or issues, contact me (discord: yoshi#7279, or my email: and i'll hopefully be able to help.

mods used

of course, none of this would be possible without the work of many people, so here's a list of every mod used and what it does.

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