archive of my old stuff

this page is dedicated to archiving my old stuff from the web, including scrapped websites that never saw the light of day.

some of the stuff shown here is embarassing, but at least i had fun creating all of it. enjoy browsing everything.

my old "geocities-styled" website
early version of icequake (a site on
old page from
scrapped killer7 fansite
dynafox sux!!
butthurt association of america
my neocities website from january 2018
my second neocities website
my third neocities website
my fourth neocities website
first version of my current website
second version of my current website
yoshi's old mac zone
nintendo navigator

important notes:
  • i fixed up all the pages for the "geocities-styled" website, however some pages still have some deprecated code so they can be as accurate to the original pages as possible. i plan to remedy this in the future. also, the website was hosted on neocities. (so technically it's my first website on neocities)
  • none of the downloads on icequake work, due to the suspension of the site that hosted them. (
  • dynafox sux!! used to be hosted on, but i removed it because making fun of dynafox is beating a dead horse at this point, and i wanted to free up a valuable subdomain space.
  • my fourth neocities website is technically still available but due to domain issues with my neocities website, it's impossible to view it.
  • links on some websites either redirect to the current pages or link to #.

© yoshi. all copyrighted material that i didn't make is the property of their respective owners. sauce.

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