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recently, i've been diving into the topic of importing consoles from other regions when i wanted to play some ps2 games in their american form at 30 fps, since i wasn't a fan of the 25 fps the pal versions offer. with that topic came concerns and questions about the different levels of voltage the consoles needed, so i wanted to make a list that compiled all the info i could find on the consoles from the 2nd-7th generation, since some consoles can accept european voltages or japanese/american voltages if you use power supplies from europe or america/japan.

please always google for more specific info. this list isn't some 100% accurate and complete guide that everyone will absolutely need to follow, since more consoles (and redesigns) have yet to be added here and information could always be incorrect, so be careful and think of this page as a reference or starting point.

✔ = can use any plug
? = unknown
✖ = can't use any plug, must use a converter if outside of region for the console

format: voltage (ac/dc), ampere rating, polarity


  • atari 2600: ✔ (9vdc, 500ma, tip positive)
  • atari 5200 4-port: ? (9.3vdc, 1.95a, center positive)
  • atari 5200 2-port: ? (11.5vdc, 1.95a, center positive)
  • atari 7800: ✔ (9vdc, 1a, ???)


  • xbox: ✖
  • xbox 360: ✔


  • famicom: ? (10vdc, 850ma, center negative)
  • famicom av: ✔ (10vdc, 850ma, center negative)
  • nes: ✔ (9vac, 1.3a)
  • super famicom: ✖ (10vdc, 850ma, center negative)
  • snes: ✔ (10vdc, 850ma, center negative)
  • n64: ✔
  • gamecube: ✔ (12vdc, 3.5a, center negative?)
  • wii: ✔ (12v, 3.7a, center negative?)


  • master system: ✔ (9vdc, 1a, center negative)
  • genesis/mega drive model 1: ✔ (9vdc-10vdc, 1.2a, center negative)
  • genesis/mega drive model 2: ✔ (9v-10vdc, 850ma, center positive)
  • genesis/mega drive model 3: ✔ (10vdc, 300ma, center positive)
  • saturn: ✖
  • dreamcast: ✖


  • playstation: ✖
  • psone: ✔
  • playstation 2: ✖
  • playstation 2 slim (scph-70xxx to 79xxx): ✔
  • playstation 2 slim (scph-90xxx): ✖
  • playstation 3: ✔


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