r4 firmwares

since there are a lot of clones of the r4ds card on the market, some people will need a list of kernels. sadly, as far as i know, the most popular list was not updated since 2011, so i decided to make my own list.

if you want the best r4 kernel, get the retrogamefan kernel, this list is mostly for archiving original kernels, archiving kernels for unsupported r4 cards and for people that don't feel like getting rgf's kernel.

also, for the latest updates, always always ALWAYS check the manufacturer's website as the list may not always be up to date.

modelmanufacturerkernel version
r4i-sdhc 3dsr4i-sdhc.comv1.85b (2018)
r4i-sdhc with v1.4.x or v1.4 label/r4-sdhc without i labelr4i-sdhc.comv1.85b (2018)
r4i-sdhc with no labelr4i-sdhc.comv1.12d (2013)
all supported r4isdhc cardsr4isdhc.comv4.0b (2018)
r4isdhc 3ds goldr4isdhc.comv1.80b (2013)
wood r4r4ds.comv1.62 (2013)
acekard2iacekard.comunknown (latest)
acekardacekard.comv4.11 (2008)
dstt/dsttindstt.netv1.18 (2010)
r4i gold 3ds deluxe editionr4ids.cn4.0B2 (2014)
r4i gold 3dsr4ids.cn6.2 (2013)

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