avgn episode version differences

if you've watched avgn for a long time, you probably know by now that some avgn episodes were edited and later reuploaded. this usually happens for the dvd releases of avgn because of copyright, but it can also happen on youtube.

while looking through the internet, i wasn't able to find any page about episode version differences in the avgn episodes. the closest that come to that are wikipedia and the avgn wiki, but even then they cram them in episode lists and they don't put them into their own page. so here's my own page for avgn episode version differences.

episodedifferenceold versionnew version
back to the futurethe movie clips were cut out for the dvd versionyoutubeno upload yet
wally bear and the no! ganga new outro was added where the nerd calls the wally bear hotlineyoutubeyoutube
top gundanger zone by kenny loggins was removedyoutubeyoutube
a nightmare on elm streetnew intro and outro were added and the credits song was swappedyoutubeyoutube
rockyremoved intro where the nerd showed off his tvs playing the rocky movies, swapped out copyrighted music and added a new outroyoutubeyoutube
atari 5200removed title cardyoutubeyoutube
ghostbustersmovie clips were swapped out for stillsyoutube:
part 1, part 2, part 3
part 1, part 2, part 3
virtual boyadded jack bros. review and removed waterworld clipyoutubeyoutube
the wizard of ozthe intro changed from a collage of avgn fan covers to a description of the "dark side of the oz" phenomenonyoutubeyoutube
super mario bros. 3removed the wizard reviewyoutubeyoutube
indiana jones trilogyadded review of the other last crusade nes game for the dvd versionyoutubeyoutube
dick tracyremoved movie clips and added more gameplay clipsyoutubeyoutube
r.o.b. the robotsoundtrack was swapped outyoutube:
first version, second version

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