how to softmod your wii

here we go, my first guide for this website. i took the pictures in dolphin on a old nand backup. i currently have no screens of the hackmii installer because dolphin crashes when i select the letter.

  • sd card formatted under fat32
  • a wii console with system menu 4.3
letterbomb download
  • find your wii's mac address. you can do so by going to the wii settings > internet > console information.
    • screenshot
    • screenshot
    • screenshot
  • go to and type in your mac address. be sure that you have selected your version of the system menu. once you're finished, solve the recaptcha and click either of the buttons on the bottom.
    • screenshot
  • extract the file you have downloaded.
  • insert your sd card into your computer.
  • copy all the files you downloaded from the letterbomb site.
  • eject the sd card.
hacking the wii
  • insert your sd card into the wii.
  • turn on your wii and access the wii message board.
  • click on the red letter with the bomb. you should be able to find it by going back one or two days.
    • screenshot
  • you should see a warning message about scams. press 1 when you're able to.
  • you should now see the hackmii installer. select continue.
  • select the homebrew channel and select install the homebrew channel.
  • wait for the homebrew channel to install.
  • quit out of the hackmii installer.

congratulations, your wii is now softmodded! enjoy installing homebrew.

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