converting snes classic roms

the snes classic uses it's own rom format, established on the virtual console, and it's own emulator. here's how to convert those roms to regular smc roms to be used in a standard snes emulator on a pc.

you will need to use hakchi2 ce to cache the sfroms. once hakchi successfully recognizes your snes classic, go to the games_cache folder and you will see loads of folders. the names represent game ids. here's a table of what games the ids are assigned to.

clv-p-saccecontra 3: the alien wars
clv-p-saaledonkey kong country
clv-p-sabtefinal fantasy 3
clv-p-saaqekirby super star
clv-p-saakekirby's dream course
clv-p-saaeethe legend of zelda: link to the past
clv-p-sabcemega man x
clv-p-sabresecret of mana
clv-p-sadkestarfox 2
clv-p-sabhestreet fighter 2 turbo: hyper fighting
clv-p-sacbesuper castlevania 4
clv-p-sabdesuper ghouls 'n ghosts
clv-p-saafesuper mario kart
clv-p-sabqesuper mario rpg: legend of the seven stars
clv-p-saaaesuper mario world
clv-p-saahesuper metroid
clv-p-saaxesuper punch-out!!
clv-p-sadjesuper mario world 2: yoshi's island

copy the sfrom of the game you want to the downloads folder. then get the sfrom2sfc tool. (mirror)

once you extracted the zip, open command prompt, navigate to the downloads folder and type sfrom2sfc.exe game.sfrom. 3 new files should appear, game.rom, game.pcm and game.var. game.rom is the main rom and game.pcm contains the proper sound. you will need 2 scripts to put them together: and save them to the downloads folder, go back to command prompt and type game.rom game.pcm game.smc, game.smc being the name of the output rom. wait for it to do it's thing and game.smc will appear in your downloads folder.

you are now finished! enjoy playing your roms.

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