how to play minecraft 3d multiplayer

minecraft 3d shareware v1.34 is an april fools version that changes the game to a 1994-like experience. mojang locks you out of multiplayer, and when you try to click the multiplayer button (modemplay) it won't work.

however, there is a very simple workaround for this.

downloading the version
  • open the minecraft launcher.
  • go to launch options > enable snapshots > add new and select snapshot 3d shareware v1.34. or, if you can't get the client, download it here.
  • if you have downloaded the version from my site: extract the zip (select extract here) > cut the 3d shareware v1.34 folder > type %appdata% on the windows start menu > open .minecraft > go to versions > paste the folder in > choose the version from the launcher.
hosting a server
  • make you sure you have port-forwarded port 25565 (or configure a differnt portforwarded port in once you get the server running).
  • click the download server link next to the dropdown menu for versions, or download the server here.
  • open the server and let it initialize.
  • open eula.txt and change false to true.
joining a server
  • open the game.
  • join a world.
  • pause the game and click open to lan. set allow cheats to on and click start lan world.
    • screenshot
    • screenshot
  • in the chat, type /kick username (change username to your minecraft username)
    • screenshot
  • once you have been kicked, click back to server list.
    • screenshot
    • screenshot

congrats, you have now successfully opened the multiplayer server list. get a ip for a running 3d shareware v1.34 server and play with other people!

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