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You are officially permitted to copy the press releases for your news source, as long as you credit the BHAA for it's creation. You are also permitted to make parodies and other things with our press releases, again, as long as you credit the BHAA. You are NOT permitted to twist our press releases to slander, hatred and other kinds of activities that will harm the BHAA.

3/19/2019 – BHAA annonunces their new website

The BHAA, 20 years after it's creation, finally has a official website. The association has strangely never made a official website until now, considering it's goal is to protect the internet. "This is a very big moment for us." says co-founder Hugh Thomas Jass. "We have seen many unofficial websites and it made us glad that so many people care about what we do to the point of making a website about us." Jass credited Richard C. Mongler, a executive at the BHAA, for designing the website. "It was a big task, but i have pulled through." says Mongler. "I'm happy that so many people at our association really love it. I don't know what to say." The association has celebrated this occasion with a public party, where approx. 2100 people showed up, telling stories and experiences, and having a lot of fun. "Man, the party was crazy. There was this one guy that talked about how his forum about the BHAA had 600 members." recollects Jass. The association is now working on a brand new project, for which it's details will be classified until it's release.