i don't currently have much to fit here, so here's a blog.

new page! – 10/6/2021

about time right? well i did this little page for fun. it's basically a sort of photo album of ralsei art that i really like. currently the page is in it's early stages, but i plan to add more meat to it with subpages and more drawings!

new host! – 3/21/2021

9 months have gone by and the only news i have for you is that i moved hosting. thanks to the cool peeps at somnolescent, i now have a new hosting space, so i can now share my doodads and thingamajigs without having to pay for it myself. (also uh new content will probably be made)

long live the bulb

embeds – 6/24/2020

after some fiddling with some autosite attributes, i made some pretty cool embeds, so you can now view the page's title and description on discord or in a search engine!! here are some of my personal favorites:

minor update – 6/21/2020

since i didn't post anything for 2 months, i might as well inform you that i fixed some minor issues with the site. the 404 page should now work correctly, and links on other pages should be correct as well.

to not make this update completely pointless, i got 3 other things to say:

  1. i highly recommend checking out somnolescent, they're a cool bunch of people.
  2. i'm considering making a new art page for sharing my art, since i started drawing some stuff recently.
  3. i will eventually get around to making the toontowndb autosite update. a thing that got me more motivated to that, was the recent discovery of the toontown online source files, which include beta assets! i have been waiting for such a release for years, and to finally see it is quite a sight to behold for me. thank you to the awesome folk that uploaded it!
autosite – 4/10/2020

this site went through a little update. i have moved away from php and decided to use dotcomboom's amazing autosite software for making websites! so now i'm back to pure html only, no php anymore.

oh, and toontowndb will receive the same autosite treatment as well. it's currently kind of dead, because i don't know what to write about right now, but hopefully that changes soon!

redesign 3!! – 3/19/2020

the over one year old design of my website has now been redesigned to use a more comfortable sidebar! this gets rid of the necessity to make an index for project or misc pages. it also makes the site cooler. B)

i have also delisted the homestar runner archive, along with some other random pages and files. i felt they weren't really necessary and i didn't want to keep them around, so i delisted them. (you can still access them with their respective links)

(fun fact: the css file that is currently running the site is called flippy.css, which comes from flippy doggenbottom, since the layout was originally for my toontowndb site.)

moved hosts – 3/16/2020

i have now moved hosts from foundation hosting (previously insignify) to dreamhost! hopefully this new change will mean better performance and protection!

old project revived – 2/22/2020

i have recently revived my old project, toontowndb! the site was dead for over a year with no new content, but now it's been revived with a brand new layout! hope you like it.

new banner – 2/2/2020

the rotating banner feature is currently broken, so the banner does not show up.

hey again! just a short update, but there's now a new banner! thank you to Terminal#8246 for making it! if you want to see it, here it is below:


also, the site is now one year old! i never thought i'd keep it up for this long. usually when i buy hosting packages, the sites always die within one year, but this one has been up for more than one year! awesome.

rotating banners – 11/11/2019

feature currently broken, reverted back to original banner for now.

new feature!! i've added new rotating banners. this means that every time you refresh, a new banner pops up! how fun!

currently there are 9 banners available but i'll make more soon! also today is poland's independence day. woohoo.

w3 validated! – 8/29/2019

recently, i've done even more updates to all the pages on the site to return no errors in the w3 validator, which means the site should now have proper html! yeah i get that the w3 validator in particular is outdated, but i tried the old versions of pages on a html5 validator, and it gave me the same errors.

the best part is, the pages look almost identical to how they were before, but with minor differences due to replacing obsolete tags with css. this updating thing took me about 30 minutes, some quiet thinking about why am i doing this and fixing errors of course.

major updates – 8/17/2019

recently, i've learned a bit more about php and made some major updates to the php backend.

so the site now uses only 4 files! 2 for the header and footer, one .htaccess and one to include the content from a folder where it all resides.

i am considering making the site open source, although it's really basic so anyone with decent knowledge of php could recreate it.

theme options – 8/2/2019

feature removed for now.

new feature!! now you can select themes from the homepage. for now, i only have an undertale theme, but you can expect more soon!

by the way, if the css is broken on your first visit, refresh twice and the problem should fix itself.

search-engine optimized links – 6/21/2019

i've updated the links to be more search friendly (from page.php?id=page to /page/page/), since the old link format looked kind of ugly.

also, summer's right around the corner. yay.

no more deviantbart – 6/4/2019

after 3 months or so with my new domain,, i decided to stop using it and go back to why tho?

this is mainly because of the fact that i am now paying for 2 .com domains (18$ a year) which i don't exactly want to do, and also because the domain name fits more for something related to deviantart. this ties back to the 2005 deviantart recreation idea.

currently will redirect to until it expires (march 1st 2020).

new color scheme + logo and navbar – 5/5/2019

new update since like, a month ago. this time, i've updated the color scheme for good. no more virtual boy red!

this color scheme is actually from my old site that i made a year ago. edit: changed the background color to light black to be easier to read.

on a second note, my friend miksa made some new sweet graphics for my site (specifically the logo and navbar)!

hopefully you like those changes. if you don't, i don't care.

retracted my new theme – 4/1/2019

i've been talking to some people and they weren't happy for the new theme so i pulled it back.

come on guys! i've spent 4 hours changing hex values in the css just for you, and you just say it's shit?

new theme! – 4/1/2019

i have changed the color scheme to something more pleasant than the normal black and red.

i still need to improve this theme (such as changing the logo and navbar) but right now, it's lookin' good!

php rewrite – 3/25/2019

today, i have rewritten the pages to use the php technology! updating the navbar if needed is now a breeze! also as you may have noticed, i have combined the pages to be on only one page! how convenient!

the pages are all the same, but if you linked to a old link on this, you should update that link.

domain stuff – 3/1/2019

so recently, i have bought a new domain for my website, here's a funny story about it.

a few months ago i had the idea to make a 2005 deviantart recreation under the name... deviantbart. however, since i couldn't code, it remained as a idea.

i was reminded of it a few days ago and decided to buy the domain.

today i found out that this domain used to be active back in 2012-2013 and it was a simple page that embedded this video called dark homer.


hello world! – 2/28/2019

welcome to the new layout. i have decided to change the layout to a more comfortable navbar.

i went with a edgy style, because it's cool. i'll probably switch to the original color scheme (black and blue) soon.

for now, enjoy the new site.

© yoshi. all copyrighted material that i didn't make is the property of their respective owners. sauce.

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